A creative way forward

My work as a coach is very specific.
I can help you think better about the projects and changes you envision in your life. Or maybe it is precisely that vision you want to get more clarity about. Or, you may find you don't need to change much at all, because only a few small steps will lead to better overall results.

The process is straightforward.
I listen.and you talk.
My questions can lead you to new insights to help you along your way. No advise is given, because you are your own best advisor. 

Welcome to solution focused coaching!
A method I learned at the Erickson Institute in Vancouver, Canada.
Its focus is on desired future outcomes and a holistic perspective on a person's life. To enhance your potential in work and/or life, coaching is not only a helpful, but also a creative way forward. 

Apart from general coaching conversations, you might be interested in two special perspectives I offer in coaching,

One is through the experience of connecting to nature.
I have valuable wilderness experiences to share - having walked several wilderness trails in South Africa and Canada. Also I produced and directed a documentary film on artists and wilderness conservation. 
A walk into nature can be an eye-opening experience to focus and expand our vision. In our own beautiful country, The Netherlands, these walks are certainly also possible.

The second perspective I offer, is coaching through connecting to your voice, in speech as well as singing. Our voice has a lot to tell about our history, emotions ánd our power. As we learn to use our voice with more ease, clarity and boldness, this translates into our day-to-day lives.